23rd May
The Ghost Sheep (BE)

The Ghost Sheep

The Ghost Sheep is an improv group from Brussels, Belgium. This group is composed by actors from several nationalities, and that´s that main reason why they present their shows in english language.
They will present their long form show Motel. Trough simple audience sugestions, three different stories will be created, taking the audience into a unexpected and surprising journey of characters and emotions.
Their show will also feature the special participation of the famous north american improv actor, JStar.
The show will be presented in english language.


24th May
Music Box (UK)


Music Box improvise a different one act comedy musical every show. Songs and lyrics are plucked from thin air. Stories and characters are created on the spot.

Past musicals have taken place in the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the Orient Express, the rain forests of Brazil and a chip shop in Rotherham.

They perform regularly at the The Miller in London Bridge, and at several other venues.
The show will be presented in english language.


25th May
Os Improváveis (PT)

Os Improváveis

Os Improváveis are one the most consisting improv acts, in the portuguese improvisational scene.
They will present, for the first time in Portugal, their new and long-form show, Improfado.

A show that mixes traditional music and improv.
No one can stay indifferent to the artistic quality of Os Improváveis".
The show will be presented in portuguese language.


30th May
Instantâneos (PT)


The portuguese group, Os Instantâneos, will present their show Duelo Improvisado.
Two teams will "fight" eachother trough improvised challenges.

No one is control, of what will happen on stage, and no one knows what the teams will do to win the audience´s vote.

A show full of surprises that will leave on everyone´s memory, unforgetable and unique moments.
The show will be presented in portuguese language.


31st May
Bugiardini (IT)


Improvvisazione Teatrale Bugiardini come from the "eternal city" of Rome, Italy.
They are one of the most experienced italian improv companies, with uncountless presences on improv festivals around the world.

They will present their show Shhh - an improvised silent movie , on wich the audience will appreciate a full improvised story, silent movie style.

This shows breaks the linguistic barriers and proves that improvisation is an universal language.
Silent show with english subtitles.



Age-Rating 16 yo

Single show ticket 7.00 Euros
Full festival pass 30.00 Euros (5 shows)

All shows star at 21h30
All shows will last aprox. 90m

Ticket Sale
Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval
Lojas Fnac
Agências Abreu
Lojas Worten
C. C. Dolce Vita
El Corte Inglês
CTT (Estações de Correio e Bilheteira Online)


Along with the daily shows, the festival organization will also promote several workshops.
All workshops are open to the public, and will be led by experienced improvisers.
Workshops participants are subjected to a participation fee.
Limited participants number.

24th and 25th May, north american improviser, JStar will teach an advanced improv workshop, dedicated to improvisers with three years or more of experience.
Reservations are limited to the number of places available.

On the 1st of July, Bugiardini (IT) will teach an improv workshop, dedicated to improvisers with one or two years of experience.
Reservations are limited to the number of places available.



Different Cultural Reallities

Saturday 24th May
19:00h to 20:00h

On this open conversation, it will be analysed the different contexts of improvisational theatre. The european, american and the portuguses realties will be confronted. reality.
On this debate, firts person experiences will be shared.
Issues like the different type of audiences, cultural differences on the aproach to improv and many others will be discussed.

The debate will be made in english language

Manuel Duarte

Marco Graça (PT),
JStar (E.U.A),
James Witt (UK), Donna-iuliana (BE)


Friday 30th May
19:00h to 20:00h

It´s improvisation a just comedy?
What´s the difference between Stand-up Comedy and Improv?
It´s Improvisation just a mere comedy tool?
These and many other questions will be discussed, on a very informal conversation on wich we will try to find the connecting points between comedy and improv.

Manuel Duarte

To be confirmed


Saturday 31st May
19:00h to 20:00h

The main issue on this debate will be the roots of improvisation, and how improvisation became a cénic art by itself.
By sharing different points of view, improvisation will be put in perspective.
How does the classic theatre looks at improvisational theatre and how do they connect.
These are the questions to reflect.

Manuel Duarte

To be confirmed